Capitalising on expertise and experience from numerous climate projects for science customers, we provide scalable and highly energy-efficient solutions for indoor production with Vertical Farming.

Future-proof agriculture?
City farming is gaining momentum. Indoor climate-controlled food-growing facilities have been sprouting up in cities worldwide. Urban population is increasing and consumers are increasingly interested in locally sourced, all-natural foods. And climate change will impact conventional agriculture more and more.

“We’re growing in 16 days what otherwise takes 30 days in a field — using 95 percent less water, about 50 percent less fertilizers, zero pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.” (CEO Vertical Farm)

Defining optimal growth recipes:
New technology is driving down costs and processes are improving. Collecting data plays an important role. Optimal growth conditions are specific for every crop and each growth stage.

Conduct your own research with MyGrowthRoom
MyGrowthRoom facilitates integrated testing of light, temperature and RH – with great precision. Furthermore, MyGrowthRooms technology is easily scalable to a city farming production setting.

• Fully controlled environment
• Higher yields per m2
• Seasonality eliminated: year-round production
• Diminished need for soil, fertiliser and pest control
• Lower CO2 footprint and less environmental impact
• Lower water usage – with recycling options
• Production closer to market: less spoilage and reduced transportation costs

Other rooms:

Vernalisation rooms Nijssen Australia Vernalisation Rooms are specifically designed for the artificial exposure of plants (or seeds) to low temperatures in order to stimulate flowering or to enhance seed production. • Antibacterial coating prevents growth of bacteria and fungi • Air flow optimisation, e.g. with air socks, air turns and perforated walls • Lighting controlled for each individual shelf

Entomological research rooms Nijssen Australia Entomology Chambers provide uniform environmental conditions for incubation and entomology experiments. Multiple optional accessories are available, allowing you to cost-effectively customise the room according to your specific requirements. • Wide temperature and humidity range • Optional assimilation lighting to simulate day/night conditions • Robust materials to resist corrosive effects of acidic secretions

Seed storage rooms To preserve seed viability and quality, proper storage under controlled conditions is a prerequisite. Nijssen Australia Seed Storage Rooms with highest quality dehumidifiers offer optimal protection of your investment. • Temperature set to storage application (long term or medium term) • Low humidity ( ± 30%) • System redundancy to guarantee maximum operational reliability

Steam disinfection rooms The Nijssen Australia Steam Disinfection Rooms provide an environmentally friendly method of disinfecting planting containers, reservoirs and propagation equipment. • Stainless steel walls • Programmable disinfection routines with adjustable temperature and time schedules

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