Everyday more of the world’s leading industry retailers, wholesalers, growers, and distribution centres are putting their trust in Ecotops’s state of the art Ripening rooms.

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An international network at the forefront of research and development in ripening systems and have allowed Ecotop rooms to advance the complete package in ripening.
With stand-out features in the tarp-less technology built into all rooms.
Tarp systems can cause uneven airflow, increased maintenance, pathogens, increased man-handling time and tend to be noisy and inefficient.
Ecotop have developed a multi-directional direction air flow system which removes the need for these tarps, is quieter, distributes air evenly, requires less maintenance and is more hygienic.


In operation internationally for over 15 years with over a thousand rooms, in multiple countries, for various fruits and varying business successfully commissioned.
Clients such as Chiquita, Dole and more have adopted the Ecotop system due to its superior ripening quality, low-cost operation, and unique multi-functional room operation.
Since opening an Ecotop ripening facility in April 2019, Montague (Australian owned and operated fruit business since 1948) have seen an increased demand for the use of their rooms and have since expanding their offering to 11×24 pallet rooms totaling 264 pallets of ripening capability.

Key features:

Variable temperature and humidity-control
Energy Efficient (increased by 35-45% compared to other systems)
24hr Monitoring of Ethylene, Oxygen, Temperature, Humidity
Gas tight doors
Multi directional airflow
Multi-purpose design (ripening, pull-down, storage)
Single tier, double tier, or triple tier racking

The enhanced specification Ecotop Ripening rooms offering a ‘best-in-class’ fruit ripening system for the controlled and uniform ripening and storage of exotic produce such as bananas, avocados, mangos, papayas, kiwis and more, as well as achieving low energy consumption, low noise levels and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

“The results speak for themselves: higher quality and colour, guaranteed uniformity, improved product with extended shelf life.”

Steve Oakley Director of Ecotop Australia

Ripening facility QLD


The versatility of the rooms has also allowed the company to explore alternative use cases such as temperature-controlled treatment for plants. The developed treatment minimises infection risk in initial stages of plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

In September 2018, Australia’s first Ecotop Ripening room was commissioned in Melbourne’s Southeast, for the purpose of demonstrating Ecotop’s ripening capabilities. You can experience Ecotop Ripening rooms in action at their fully functional showrooms located in Melbourne’s southeast.




















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