Softripe Australia – The new quality of fruit ripening

Softripe is a Brazilian-German innovation and stands for a novel ripening technology for tropical fruits. This allows a significant improvement in the respective fruit quality compared to conventional methods.

Bananas and other tropical fruits, such as mangos and avocados, are among the fruits that can be harvested in an unripe state and still develop to ripeness. This feature is used to bridge long transport routes by ship from producer countries to consumer countries without spoiling the fruits.

During transportation by ship, the goods have to be cooled. This suppresses unwanted premature ripening of the fruit. Once they have arrived in the destination country, the fruits are transported from the port to the individual, regional fruit trade distribution centres. This is done using refrigerated trucks

There, the fruits are matured on a specific delivery day in special ripening rooms. They are matured in a targeted manner. Continuous temperature programmes (heating and cooling) and temporary stimulation with ethylene, the natural fruit, gas stimulate a natural ripening process.
This can take up to 7 days.
The newly patented Softripe technology significantly improves fruit characteristics that are important for the consumer e.g. taste (typical aromas), shelf life and uniform maturity. Because the ripening process is faster and more controlled, energy is saved significantly.
Softripe wants to convince less with words, but rather with personal consumer experiences.

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