What is Cold Chain?

The food cold chain is the process in which perishable produce is temperature-controlled in the supply chain. It represents the logistics and equipment that is used to maintain a low temperature, from harvest and processing to market.

Each step in the cold chain (post-harvest, processing, storage & packing) must maintain a constant temperature for a product that is not ‘heat stable’ from the time it is harvested. It is considered a science as it requires a precise understanding of the chemical and biological processes linked with product perishability. An efficient solution ensures that fresh products are safe and of a high quality at the point of consumption whilst extending the shelf life and reducing waste.

Our Australian engineers work with your individual business needs to provide cold chain solutions that improve product quality, increase produce shelf life, reduce wastage and lower operating costs.

Heuch Fresh has over 40 years Australian Refrigeration experience and partnerships for latest European technology.

“…Our latest environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology will allow us to continue to deliver the highest quality fresh produce every time to our customers.”  – Hamish, General Manager of Montagues

About Heuch Fresh:

At Heuch Fresh the quality of your product is our number one priority. With our key partnerships we offer a wide variety of cooling services for the growth and production of soft fruit, to the harvest of field vegetables, to rapid cooling of fresh cut flowers. The best product is found in the field immediately at harvest and the role of the fastest and most effective cold chain solution is to ensure the maximisation of quality, weight and shelf life, so you can get the best return for your efforts.

Heuch Fresh | Post Harvest | pre Cooling | Processing | Food ProduceHeuch Fresh focus entirely on your business and how we can help provide a solution that increases the quality and shelf life of your produce, while reducing energy costs.

With key partnerships both locally and internationally, we stay up to date with the latest refrigeration trends and technologies and pass this knowledge and experience straight to you.  From harvest and processing to storage and distribution.

Heuch Fresh is a subsidiary of Heuch Technology Group.