Once harvested (post-harvest), all fresh produce goes into stress. By rapidly pre-cooling your fruits and vegetables, both respiration & transpiration can be reduced, drastically improving quality and shelf-life.  A quality pre-cooling solution will provide:

Optimal quality preservation and maximum shelf life & storage/travel time.

Added value towards (export) customers, thanks to higher & more constant quality.

Thorough cooling, to the core, independent of density of the packing and the packing style.

Less waste, rejections and claims; saving money, maximising your reputation

Lower workload for your cold room resulting in less temperature fluctuations and lower running costs.

Lower overall energy costs.

With our key partnerships we can offer a wide variety of services to help cater for the horticulture industry for production of soft fruit to field vegetables to fresh flowers.

The best product is found in the field immediately at harvest and the role of the fastest and most effective cooling is to slow the metabolic process and remove field heat of the product, ensuring the maximisation of quality, weight and shelf life.

Heuch Fresh focus entirely on your business and how we can help provide a solution that increases the quality and shelf life of your produce, while reducing energy costs.

From harvest and processing to storage and distribution.

With key partnerships both locally and internationally, we stay up to date with the latest refrigeration trends and technologies and pass this knowledge and experience straight to you.