Tarpless tech a ripe choice

Everyday more of the world’s leading industry retailers, wholesalers, growers, and distribution centres are putting their trust in Ecotops’s state of the art Ripening rooms.

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An international network at the forefront of research and development in ripening systems and have allowed Ecotop rooms to advance the complete package in ripening.
With stand-out features in the tarp-less technology built into all rooms.
Tarp systems can cause uneven airflow, increased maintenance, pathogens, increased man-handling time and tend to be noisy and inefficient.
Ecotop have developed a multi-directional direction air flow system which removes the need for these tarps, is quieter, distributes air evenly, requires less maintenance and is more hygienic.


In operation internationally for over 15 years with over a thousand rooms, in multiple countries, for various fruits and varying business successfully commissioned.
Clients such as Chiquita, Dole and more have adopted the Ecotop system due to its superior ripening quality, low-cost operation, and unique multi-functional room operation.
Since opening an Ecotop ripening facility in April 2019, Montague (Australian owned and operated fruit business since 1948) have seen an increased demand for the use of their rooms and have since expanding their offering to 11×24 pallet rooms totaling 264 pallets of ripening capability.

Key features:

Variable temperature and humidity-control
Energy Efficient (increased by 35-45% compared to other systems)
24hr Monitoring of Ethylene, Oxygen, Temperature, Humidity
Gas tight doors
Multi directional airflow
Multi-purpose design (ripening, pull-down, storage)
Single tier, double tier, or triple tier racking

The enhanced specification Ecotop Ripening rooms offering a ‘best-in-class’ fruit ripening system for the controlled and uniform ripening and storage of exotic produce such as bananas, avocados, mangos, papayas, kiwis and more, as well as achieving low energy consumption, low noise levels and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

“The results speak for themselves: higher quality and colour, guaranteed uniformity, improved product with extended shelf life.”

Steve Oakley Director of Ecotop Australia

Ripening facility QLD


The versatility of the rooms has also allowed the company to explore alternative use cases such as temperature-controlled treatment for plants. The developed treatment minimises infection risk in initial stages of plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

In September 2018, Australia’s first Ecotop Ripening room was commissioned in Melbourne’s Southeast, for the purpose of demonstrating Ecotop’s ripening capabilities. You can experience Ecotop Ripening rooms in action at their fully functional showrooms located in Melbourne’s southeast.




















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Ecotop impresses with new ‘world class’ ripening technology.

Arcella Bananas Company has signed a 2 year agreement to use Montagues state-of-the-art Ecotop Ripening facilities in Rocklea QLD.

Arcella has gained access to Montague’s produce and packing facility in Brisbane to ripen its bananas after the companies signed an initial two-year lease.

Ecotop ripening

Montagues new ripening facilities

Montague opened their new produce facility at the Brisbane Markets in Rocklea, Queensland in April 2019. The 5,578m2 purpose-built facility is a fully automated, temperature-controlled environment, complete with a cold storage space monitored 24/7, and ripening rooms equipped with the latest European tarp-less technology. The specialised equipment introduced in the facility ensures the reduction of ethylene and airborne pathogens which offers control over the banana ripening process, a feature that captured the attention of Arcella Bananas Company, according to Dom Arcella.

“We are delighted to team-up with Montague to utilise their world-class facilities and access this new technology to ripen our Arcella Bananas. We think consumers will be very pleased by the outstanding quality and flavour of the fruit ripened in Rocklea,” Arcella said.

Ecotop Ripening Australia offers a ‘best-in-class’ fruit ripening system for the controlled and uniform ripening of exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangos, papayas, kiwis and more.

The Ecotop system has been in operation internationally for over 15 years with over over a thousand rooms, in multiple countries, for various fruits and varying business topographies successfully commissioned.

“Our feedback is that they have been impressed with our system, ease of operation and functionality. They are experiencing an improvement with the look, taste and extended freshness of the Ecotop ripened fruit.” says Ecotop director Paul Brady

Clients such as Chiquita, Dole and many more have adopted the Ecotop system worldwide due to its superior ripening quality, low cost operation and unique multi-functional room operation.

“Supporting local growers and businesses like Arcella Bananas is of great importance to us here at Montague,” said Hamish Montague, General Manager of Montague Queensland. “We will continue to innovate in fresh produce industries, delivering excellent produce for our consumers while striving to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly,” he concluded.

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Softripe technology described as “game-changer” for avocado storage

New avocado ripening facility unveiled with Softripe.

This article first appeared in Fresh Produce Journal

Worldwide Fruit and JD Cooling have unveiled their new “game changing” avocado ripening facility in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Softripe Tehcnology

L-r: John Dye (Chairman, JD Cooling Group), Mark Everett (Business Unit Director, Worldwide Fruit), Ilona Stylinska (Softripe Manager, Worldwide Fruit), Neal Collishaw (Operations Director, Worldwide Fruit), James Tumber (Specialist Services & Ripening Director, JD Cooling Group).

The new facility uses Softripe technology that’s able to produce better quality fruit thanks to computer atomsphere control, for a more efficient ripening process, with 40 per cent less energy use.

Avocados from the new facility will reach supermarkets in October.

JD Cooling chairman John Dye said independent taste trials of Softripe-stored fruit have demonstrated better quality, flavour and shelf life.

Speaking at the official ribbon cutting, Dye said: “It is not very often something comes along in our industry that is game changing, but Softripe is most certainly that, and indeed the biggest thing to happen in the ripening sector for decades. This facility is going to be a total revolution for the ripe and ready marketplace.

“There’s a lot of noise out there at the moment about other ripening systems, but Softripe is the only one in the world that’s able to control ethylene, CO2 and oxygen levels by communicating directly with the fruit,“ Dye said,

“It also allows suppliers to remove their post ripening grading process and destructive testing and is the only system that can achieve such dramatic increases in shelf life.”


Softripe is a patented ripening process that uses a completely gas-tight chamber together with CO2 absorbers and nitrogen generators to enable optimum levels of ethylene, CO2 and oxygen all to be fully controlled. This allows the unique Softripe software algorithms to establish the optimum conditions for perfect ripening every time.

Softripe rooms

The new facility at Worldwide Fruit’s Spalding operations also delivers greater energy efficiency and more attractive fruit according to JD Cooling.

Neal Collishaw, operations director at Worldwide Fruit said: “Our key strategic direction is to deliver zero waste in all of our processes. Avocados are a notoriously difficult product to ripen in a traditional ripening system.

“Post-ripening, we still had variability among the raw material which can end up on the shelf, leading to consumer dissatisfaction. Softripe now ensures we have a more consistent, superior product and has enabled us to remove the secondary grading from our processes. Along with the reduced ripening cycles, there are clear benefits to producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.”

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