Heuch Fresh build blast chillers to the highest industry standard. Blast Chillers are able to chill or freeze your food much faster than an ordinary domestic freezer – thereby locking in its essential nutrients and vitamins while inhibiting the growth of bacteria, ensuring the safety and the quality of your product. With a blast chiller, you save on the amount of food wasted through better preservation and increasing shelf life.


Custom-built to exacting standards
We believe that refrigerating engineering is custom work. That’s why we always first take a detailed look at your situation. Our design incorporates consideration for packaging, air movements, humidity and the logistics processes. If people need to work in the space, noise and draft are key items to be addressed.


Key benefits of a Heuch Fresh Cool Room


  • Quick freezing capacity (product core temperature) + 63 ° C to -18 ° C 4.5 hours (max.100kg)

  • Complete internal and external surfaces of stainless steel 304 cr.n

  • High air speed evaporator system

  • Manual defrost system

  • Double digital control panel (cold & frozen)

  • 100mm thick polyurethane insulation

  • Rising hinged door system

  • Lockable and can be opened from the inside “security door”

  • Ramp for easy loading

  • Split cooling unit that can operate in hot climates